A interventional Cardiologist lunch

I was watching a documentary on Netflix about ‘diet’ in sports men and how the efficiency and efficacy of sportsmen & women improved after turning vegan/vegetarian.

On a busy day I have 7-10 procedures all day long with OPD/clinic visits in the evening. A heavy morning breakfast helps to keep my energy levels and sharpness soaring for the heavy workload at my disposal.

What spoilt my focus post afternoon was lunch. A heavy lunch in the afternoon consisting of rice and curd made it really difficult to focus for a complex case that was scheduled for mid-day.I knew I had to change my diet for lunch so I switched to a salad and fruit diet in the afternoon. This not only boosted my adrenaline levels that kept me more alert and my mind working. During any complicated procedure, it kept me cool which in turn helped me to come out successful each time.

A very small change inconsequential to some but a big lap for me helped me manage my patients better.

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