Clots in COVID19 Patients and its Prevention

COVID19 is a viral infection that affects many different parts of the body. Along with affecting the respiratory system also compromises heart health. These blood clots if not treated at the right time can be extremely fatal.

This is why we bring you this article that can help you to be aware of the risks and complications of blood clots along with their prevention in COVID19 patients. Let’s dive right in

Why does COVID19 Causes Blood Clots?

In injury cases, blood clots are extremely crucial as these prevent blood loss. These are formed when a blood vessel gets ruptured and triggers the platelets through protein production. The platelets then help in the clotting of the ruptured vessel.

However, the formation of blood flow when there is no injury is fatal. Since the clot might prevent blood from flowing freely through the vessels. This can result in an angina attack or a stroke compromising heart health.

It has been estimated that about 31% of the severe COVID19 patients in ICU are reported for experiencing these blood clots. The risks of formation of these clots are comparatively more common in COVID patients who have been hospitalized.

Potential Causes of the Blood Clots in Covid19 Patients

Even though the exact cause of these clots is still unknown but there have been performed many types of research and studies. The studies concluded the following hypothesis;

  • Platelets from patients hospitalized with COVDI19 were shown to be hyperactive, causing uncontrolled and sudden clotting of blood vessels.
  • The COVID19 virus exploits the ACE2 protein expressed by endothelial cells to invade cells. As a result, the virus may infect and cause damage to the endothelial cells, thus activating the clotting mechanism of the body.
  • If the virus doesn’t damage the endothelial cells, it may infect the surrounding cells thus activating the clotting mechanism.

3 Ways to Prevent Clots Formation in Covid19 Patients

Following are some effective ways to prevent the formation of blood clots among COVID19 patients;

  1. Exercising:

Try staying active and productive as much as you can a sit can lower the risks of clots formation. Make sure to exercise to lose excess weight since obese patients are at high risk.

  1. Avoid Smoking:

Smoking enhances the activity of platelets to a great extent. It also harms the lining of the vessels which increases the risk of clots formation.

  1. Medications Side Effect:

Certain medications increase the body’s clotting mechanism. Make sure to be in contact with your doctor and study the medications properly to reduce the risk of clots formation.

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The Bottom Line:

Hospitalized COVID19 patients with severe infection have been reported with these blood clots but the exact cause is still unknown.

COVID19 compromises one’s health in so many ways and these blood clots can result in stroke or cardiac failure irrespective of age. But with Care for Heart, you don’t have to worry about all that!

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