Primary Angioplasty – Freedom from Heart Attack

Primary Angioplasty

What Is a Heart Attack? The proper medical term for what we call a heart attack is “myocardial infarction.” It occurs when part of the heart does not receive an adequate blood supply to function properly. When a low blood supply continues for too long, the heart muscle undergoes irreversible damage resulting in myocardial death. […]


The HOPE-3 trial was initiated by a group of cardiologists who asked themselves the clinical question that most heart specialists have been wondering. Can a combination of lipid lowering drugs and blood pressure lowering drugs have more benefit for our heart health than either of them alone? So, what happened in the HOPE-3 trial? Over […]

Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy

Your heart health is very important because your heart is the muscle that pumps blood throughout the body. The heart is made up of four chambers- 2 above (called atria) and 2 below (called ventricles). For efficient pumping, the chambers must contract in a coordinated manner. If this is uncoordinated it can lead to ineffective […]

COVID-19 and Heart Disease

No event in the 21st century so far was more destructive than what the “COVID-19 pandemic” has done to the world. Killing people by the hundreds of thousands, stealing loved ones away before their time, and decimating people’s livelihoods, this virus is ruthless. It does not discriminate based on wealth or ethnicity.  It’s common knowledge […]

Physical Activity and Heart

We need our heart for love, life, and everything in-between as a reference as well as a vital organ. This beating lump of muscle and nerves plays a crucial role from our birth until death. It’s human nature to not recognize the importance of something, take it for granted, so to speak until we realize […]

A interventional Cardiologist lunch

I was watching a documentary on Netflix about ‘diet’ in sports men and how the efficiency and efficacy of sportsmen & women improved after turning vegan/vegetarian. On a busy day I have 7-10 procedures all day long with OPD/clinic visits in the evening. A heavy morning breakfast helps to keep my energy levels and sharpness […]

How to select your surgeon/cardiologist

I have had many rejections in my life. No, I am not talking about the number of girls who rejected me but the number of patients who did not get their medical procedures done by me. We have a rule of 1:5 amongst us cardiologists, which means when we advise a procedure to 5 patients, […]